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***BLOG TOUR*** Guilty Sin by Chelle Bliss


Guilty Sin  (Alfa Investigations Series #4)
by Chelle Bliss
 Releases 15th May #GuiltySinTour
Not met the Alfa Investigators yet, well this is the perfect way to start.  
Guilty Sin can be read as a standalone
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Guilty Sin – ALFA #4

When a mission puts a woman under Ret's protection, he and his longtime girlfriend Alese welcome her into their home. What starts out as a friendship rooted in trust ignites into a romance far bigger than any of them expect.

Love isn't always neat, and sometimes it can't be confined to an even number.

Get ready for the hottest book of the series yet. Ret is prepared to make you beg.

ALFA Investigations Series:
Book 1: Sinful Intent
Book 2: Unlawful Desire
Book 3: Wicked Impulse
Book 4: Guilty Sin

ALFA Bonus Novellas:
Top Bottom Switch
The men at ALFA Investigations are tough as nails, all about the chase, and love playing dirty. From ruthless criminals to wild women, they’ll stop at nothing to fight the bad guys and win the girl. 


I wasn't sure what we were gonna get in this book going in and i was pleasantly surprised.

Ret is on his way to another case when James gets in touch asking him to try and rescue a girl who has been missing for months.  He goes in and gets the girl who he found caged up.  Feeling immediately protective of her he takes her to his home he shares with his long time girl Alese.  

Nya feels embarrassed.  She thought she had a relationship with her rich dominant captor but it turns out he just wanted a slave.  Having been rescued by Ret she now feels a little lost.  She knows her strict religious parents want her home but that's the last thing she wants.  She knows they would never accept her lifestyle and even after being kidnapped she knows that. that is the only way she can live.

Ret offers for her to stay with him until she knows what she wants to do.  Alese instantly takes to Nya.  It's like they've been best friends forever.  Nya finally feels comfortable somewhere but she's not sure where she fits in.  She sees the love between Ret and Alese and desperately wants that for herself but she also loves them both and doesn't want to leave.

Ok, to start i'll say this book is HOT HOT HOT.  I'm not really a dom/sub lover but i loved this.  I liked that Ret was dominant but he wasn't over the top.  Alese certainly challenged him even when they were in role.  I've seen a lot say ohhh i don't like the two girls aspect and won't read it.  I just want to reassure you that there is no girl on girl action they're just there together it's FMF.  I wouldn't have minded if it were the two girls to be honest it would have been equally as hot.  

The relationship dynamic was great.  I loved that Alese and Nya became friends before Ret even got in the picture.  But once he was i loved that it wasn't unequal and that was mostly due to Alese being so wonderful and not jealous.  She was the instigator and i loved that!!

The storyline was good.  It kept me interested and hooked me in.  

As always it was great to see the other guys Bear especially and of course any Gallo is always a bonus!

The note at the end and the deleted scenes shocked me!! I may be the only one but i kind of wished Chelle had gone with her original idea... I think it would have given the book that extra bit of kick.  As much as i loved how it is... i think it may have been a tiny bit better the original way and would have changed the whole thing.  But that's just my opinion.  Yes it would have gone a whole other route and i may have been heartbroken but i think it would have been good.

I believe that this is the end of this series and it was a great way to end it.  I've really enjoyed each one and i'm looking forward to the spin off's i guess the rest of the characters we haven't seen their stories yet will be in.  

Highly recommend!! Great reads, thrills n mysteries and a whole lotta hotness on top!!

5 Alpha Stars!!

Reviewed by Kerry

Meet the Author
USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss currently lives in a small town near the Gulf of Mexico. She's a full-time writer, time-waster extraordinaire, social media addict, and coffee fiend. She's written over ten books and has two series available. She loves spending her free time with her boyfriend, 2 cats, and her hamster.
Before becoming a writer, Chelle taught high school history for over ten years. She holds a master's degree in Instructional Technology and a bachelor's in History. Although history is her first love, writing has become her dream job and she can't imagine doing anything else.

***COVER REVEAL*** Rebel by Lauren Lovell


Rebel, an all-new standalone contemporary Romance by Lauren Lovell (LP LOVELL) is releasing June 7th!


I’m Blake McQueen, daughter of Miles McQueen: businessman, politician, all around upstanding member of the community. I’m told that name means something, but well, I’ve pretty much doused it in petrol, set it on fire, and taken a shit on it for good measure. I like to think of myself as a walking middle finger. My name is now synonymous with all forms of debauchery. I have to read the newspaper most mornings just to see where I was last night and my state of inebriation. Judge me all you like, love me, hate me. I don’t care. Life’s a party and you should never stop dancing. But even the sweetest of highs has it’s low. There is only so high you can go before you fall, and fall I did, right into the arms of the only man that could possibly stop me from crashing and burning. I’ve always been untouchable. I’ve never cared enough to be touchable. Until now. Rebellion never felt so good. 
Lauren Lovell is an indie author from England. She suffers from a total lack of brain to mouth filter and is the friend you have to explain before you introduce her to anyone, and apologize for afterwards. She's a self confessed shameless pervert, who may be suffering from slight peen envy.
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***COVER REVEAL & EXCERPT*** The Sinister Silhouette by Alex Grayson

C O V E R R E V E A L A N D G I V E A W A Y!!!
The Sinister Silhouette by Alex Grayson releases May 25th!
Cover Design: Cover Me Darling Image: JW Photography Model: Amanda Renee
She whispers my name at night, filling my dreams with her haunting beauty.
Her tormented amber eyes beg me for something I don’t understand, and her agonizing pain becomes my own.
For years, she’s come to me, calling my name.
For years, I’ve never known who she was.
Until now….

 “LUCA….” The willowy feminine voice comes from behind me. I slowly turn my head first, then the rest of my body and look for the source. Blackness. Pure and absolute. That’s all I see. Except for the tiny twinkling lights. There’s a shit ton of them. It reminds me of the times I would spend the summers with my aunt and uncle out in the country. As a kid, I would always sneak out at night and lie on the roof when the sky was clear and the moon wasn’t visible. It was my favorite time of the month, because everything was so dark, except for the stars. I’d lie out there for hours and just watch them twinkle, every so often catching one that soared across the black sky. These aren’t stars, it isn’t a moonless sky, and I don’t fucking like this. These tiny sparks of light float right in front of me, all around me, almost like glowing specks of dust. “Lucccaaaa….” Warm air whispers across my ear, and I spin, expecting to find someone behind me, and still see nothing but those damn flecks of light. Squinting, I try to look past them and the darkness to see something. Any fucking thing. Frustration grows in my stomach when nothing appears. “Who in the hell are you?” I yell, anger deepening my voice into a growl. My ears strain as I listen closely. All I hear is my own breathing and the slight pounding in my ears from my heartbeat. The beat only gets louder with my mounting aggravation. “Luca.” This time, the voice sounds rushed. It’s still whispered softly, but not the slow calling of the other two times. It’s urgent. There’s an echo too. It comes from behind me, but the echo drifts around me from every direction. I tip my head back and snarl to the… ceiling? The sky? I have no fucking clue. “What in the hell do you want from me?” Not expecting an answer, because I didn’t get one to my previous question, I’m surprised when the voice comes again. It’s close. So close, it almost seems like the words aren’t spoken out loud, but are just somehow in my head. “I need you.” My brows slash down into a frown. There’s pain in the softly spoken words, and for some reason I don’t like the emotion coming from the voice. Something sharp pierces my chest, like a dull blade slowly being sunk into my sternum, taking my breath away. I rub the spot, not understanding why the pain is there, but knowing it’s caused by the agony in the woman’s voice. “Where are you?” My tone is gruff from the stinging ache. “Here,” she whispers. I whip around and still see nothing but the twinkling lights. I reach out, hoping that even if I can’t see anything, I can feel something. It’s so dark I can’t even see my hand in front of me, only the tiny lights floating by in a rush at my hurried movement. One catches my eye off in the distance about fifteen feet from me, and I hone in on it. It’s slightly bigger than the rest. I take a step forward, then stop when it begins to grow. It doesn’t get brighter; the luminosity stays the same. It’s just the size that changes. Actually, it looks like the light is dimming the bigger it gets. Like it’s no longer a light, but a fog-like substance. It stretches longways, getting greater and greater. I start moving toward it, but no matter how many steps I take, the same distance stays between it and me. Something starts to form in the white haze. I squint, not really sure what it is, because it’s almost transparent now. It’s still growing, but the bigger it gets, the more it loses its solidness. A face. I can barely make it out through the white haze, but it’s a woman. Her features become clearer, but the more the face forms, the more it fades as well. I take a couple of steps forward, then jerk to a halt when I remember it does me no good. “Fuck,” I mutter. What in the hell is this shit? “Lucaaaa….” The voice whispers again, and I know it’s from the translucent vision, but the lips don’t move. The face becomes a face and shoulders, then face, shoulders, arms, and torso. Her hair flows around her, moving slowly, like it’s floating in water. She looks at me, and the stark pain in her eyes almost has me staggering back with the force of it. I really don’t fucking like that look. And I really don’t fucking know why. I’ve never seen the woman before. She doesn’t even look vaguely familiar. Why in the hell would her pain be my pain? “Who are you?” I demand. Again, her lips don’t move, but I still hear the voice inside my head. “Come to me, Luca. I need you.” Before I have the chance to react to her words, something happens. I tense as swarms of the nearby glowing dust infuse the white mist of the woman. Her crystalline appearance starts to solidify. Her face and the upper half of her body become more visible. Her hair, which up until that point was colorless, is a deep, rich brown. It’s long, flowing to the middle of her back. Her eyes are light brown, but not an ordinary brown. They’re an unusual golden amber. I’m not sure if it’s because of her noncorporeal appearance or if that’s their natural color, but they seem to glow. More specks of dust penetrate the woman’s form, and the more that rushes in, the brighter she gets. She lifts her arm, as if reaching out to me, and before it registers what I’m doing, I reach out to her. When I take a step closer, the light surrounding her shimmers brighter. This time I’m able to shorten the gap between us. I take another step, and it seems to glisten even more. I’m tall, so when I take my next step, there’s only a few feet separating us. But the brightness is now almost too much to bear. I have to squint from the sheer brilliance of it. There’s only inches between the tips of her fingers and mine now. The pain resting in my chest intensifies the closer I get, but it’s as if there’s a force that’s pushing me toward her. Like if I don’t, the pain would be a thousand times worse. I don’t know why, but something inside me says I must go to her. I hold my breath as the tip of my middle finger touches the glowing tip of hers. Several things happen at once. A low growl resonates deep in the back of my throat, my fingers curl into a fist and my arm drops to my side, and the fierce pain I was experiencing in my chest turns so excruciating I’d swear my heart is spilling out onto the floor at my feet. The trifecta of feelings happens because the instant my fingertips touch the woman, her form disintegrates. The thousands of pieces of dust that make up her form fall away into space, leaving me once again in complete blackness. I tip my head back and an angry, pain-filled roar leaves my lips at the loss of something so important.
About Alex
Alex Grayson is the bestselling author of heart pounding, emotionally gripping contemporary romance including The Jaded Series, The Consumed Series, and two standalone novels. Her passion for books was reignited by a gift from her sister-in-law intended to distract Alex and help her pass the time while her husband was away for work. After spending several years as a devoted reader and blogger, Alex decided to write and independently publish her first novel in 2014 (an endeavor that took a little longer than expected). The rest, as they say, is history. Originally a southern girl, Alex now lives in Ohio with her husband, two children, two cats and dog. She loves the color blue, homemade lasagna, casually browsing real estate, and interacting with her readers. Visit her website,, or find her on social media!

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***REVIEW TOUR & REVIEW*** Tacet a Mortuis by Amo Jones


Tacet a Mortuis, the third installment in Amo Jones's Romantic Suspense Elite Kings Series is AVAILABLE NOW!



Hail to the king, and watch him reign, this game was somewhat fun, until the finale came…
Now we’re here, with carnage and despair, and the only questions left to answer, are the ones that do not appear...
A king loses a war, and a swan sheds her wings, chaos collides with peace, as the crows begin to sing…
Enter if you dare, because I swear the end is near, but nothing is as it seems, and everything is so bare.
So what the f*ck is going on at Riverside, I think, I think... everyone is about to die....
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My Review

    What a ride this series is turning out to be! Honestly i swear it gets more exciting with each book!! I didn't know there were more to come but i'm seriously happy about it!!!

We pick up where we left off with Madison having faced another blast from her past.

I don't want to really go into details on the story. I don't want to spoil it at all.

There are twists and turns at every step. Secrets kept and some now beginning to be shared. Finally Bishop is opening up but he has so many secrets i'm sure Madison will never find them all out.

I loved every single second of this book. It kept me gripped and on the edge of my seat. At one point i was wondering if it was going to go the supernatural route!!! Honestly breathtaking. I was holding my breath so much i may now apply to the Guinness book of records to see if i can get the world record for it!! 

Bishop as usual got me hot and sweaty. He's so mean sometimes but honestly there's just something about that man!! Maybe it's the power i'm not really sure but shiiiiit!!! I so would!! He would be definitely worth anything he throws at you!!

Madison is just... wow how she copes with all the stuff thrown at her is just...amazing!! She has a bit of a breakdown here and there but she's coming into her own with each book. She's certainly shaping up to be queen of the Kings Elite!! She has her besties shaping up too Tillie and Tate who have been drawn into the inner circle.

I'm loving how as the story is unfolding we're getting more of the other characters too. Nate, Brantley, Jase, Hunter etc we're getting to know them too. Plus extra special bonus we're getting into the heads of the generations before these Kings!! Well not sure it's so good but definitely eye opening and intriguing. 

I was surprised to have a little tear in here too. Ok maybe it was a bit bigger than little. My heart broke a little towards the end.

Yes there is a cliffie so to speak leading to Malum which is book 4!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh so excited!!!!! 

You definitely have to read this story in order. It is not a standalone and if you tried then i can guarantee you would be very confused lol!!

I can't gush about this series enough. Unique and original it's absolutely captivated me from book 1!!

5 The saga continues stars!!

Reviewed by Kerry

About Amo Jones

Amo Jones is a small country girl totally winging this author thing (she's probably doing it all wrong). She likes cake, loves wine, and her religion is magic. She's a profound work-a-holic, but when she's not writing, you can find her chilling with her kids & partner at the nearest beach, with a cocktail in her hand.
New Zealand is not a state of Australia and rugby is the best sport ever played.

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