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***RELEASE BLITZ, EXCERPT & REVIEW*** Watching Mine by Alex Grayson



COVER DESIGN by Cover Me Darling

My name is Nathan Reines… and I’m a voyeur. Yes, I like to watch people have sex. Witnessing the desire on their faces as they writhe in pleasure makes my blood hotter than the hottest flame. There’s nothing more erotic than seeing their bodies tighten and tremble as they balance on the edge of ecstasy. It makes my dick as hard as fucking steel.

I’ve never been tempted to have a lasting relationship with a woman—why get involved when watching from the sidelines is so fucking hot? But from the first time I watched the woman in the apartment across from mine, I knew she was different. She teases me with her soft touches and gentle caresses. She tempts me with her silent moans and sexy whimpers. She excites me, and makes me want more than I ever have before.

For two years, I refused to give in to my curiosity. That is, until fate took things in her own twisted hands. Now that I know what it’s like to experience Emberleigh in the flesh, there’s no damn way I could ever go back to simply watching.

If this book doesn't make you wanna go out and buy a pair of binoculars and perv on your neighbors then i don't know what will! 

Watching mine is book 3 in the Consumed series.

Nathan is a Voyeur he loves to watch. He needs it. For 2 years he's been watching his neighbor. He's never felt the need for anything more than his weekly viewing. Then one day he see's her on the street. It's never happened before. It's made him feel things he shouldn't. Will just watching her now be enough? Another chance encounter makes him want more but what if she finds out he's been watching her?

Emberleigh doesn't have time for dating. Her life is crazy busy and the only social activity she has is seeing her best friend once in a while. She studies hard and spends time with her family. She loves her mom and dad but has a special relationship with her sister. She's determined to always be there for her. Her best friend encourages her to meet up in Blackies for a blind date. She's been before but she still marvels at the open sexuality that goes on in there. One dance with her blind date leaves her breathless for another man. 

Nathan watches her dance with her date. He gets a feeling he's never had before possessiveness. He wants to be the one touching not just watching.

Both have secrets that they're hiding. Can Nathan be happy with more than just watching. Will Emberleigh's secret hold her back?

I just want to say that i am absolutely loving this series. It's fresh and original and eye opening. This whole series is about various sex addictions. To be honest most people have a laugh and a joke about how great it would be to be addicted to sex in any form. But this series really opens your eyes to the very real struggles that these addictions come with. Yes this series is HOT HOT HOT i make sure i have my fan on hand when i read these books, but also it shows the struggles for them to find that one true love. Someone who would understand.

We've met Nathan in previous books. He's always been in the background doing what he loves best, watching. He's at the forefront here and what a man he is!! No longer the third he really comes into his own. He's pretty alpha i gotta be honest, strong and dominant. I loved how he gave Emberleigh the confidence to be who she is. Without shame or judgement he takes all of her on board. Not just in the bedroom. I loved how he was there for her with her secret. How he held her up and guided her. It was kinda sweet! 

Emberleigh at the start is kinda downtrodden i guess by life and past mistakes. But she also has a flip side. She's kinda brazen and when she lets go and stops overthinking things she really blossoms! She's perfect for Nathan and the revelation near the end actually made me laugh out loud and exclaim "ooooh you dirty girl!" 

The story is well written and the plot kept me turning those pages. Hot flushes and a private break time are the order of the day when you read this book.

5 I'm watching you stars!

Reviewed by Kerry


“Hey, Nathan,” Tegan calls. I look over and find him looking behind me. “Isn’t that—” He stops midsentence, leans forward, causing Willow to lean with him, and squints. A big grin spreads across his face a second later, and his eyes flicker to me. “9B,” he finishes, then leans back in his chair.
My back straightens, and I whip my head around. My eyes tighten into slits as I look through the darkness of the room.
The place is packed with bodies. Some at tables, some standing around talking to others, some out on the dance floor. I look from one person to the next, seeking out the only person of interest to me.
It doesn’t take long before I find her. She’s out on the dance floor, facing me, with some guy standing behind her. His hands are on her hips as she slowly sways to the music. Her blonde hair is swept up high on her head. With her eyes closed, she’s resting her head back against the guy’s chest with her arms lifted and her hands tangled in his hair.
There’s about thirty feet separating us and it’s dark in the room, but I can still see the look of pleasure on her face. My dick, already at attention, grows thicker.
Someone steps in my line of sight, blocking her from view, and a growl leaves my lips. I’m just about to get up and knock the fucker away, when he moves.
Not bothering to tell the others I’m leaving, I get up and grab my beer to move closer. There’s a table at the edge of the dance floor that’s conveniently empty. I turn the chair around so it faces the dance floor and take a seat. There’s now only fifteen feet between us.
She’s wearing a black silky halter-type dress that hugs her tits, then turns loose and flows down the rest of her body. It stops midthigh, but with her arms raised, it barely covers her cunt. I have no doubt if she were to bend over, her ass would show. Her black sandals are high, and even in the dark, they sparkle from some type of glittery shit that’s all over them.
My eyes slowly rake down her body, taking in every inch of her. I’ve seen her completely bare, but never this close. Her naked body is a work of art, but seeing her this close, even clothed, is so much better.
When my gaze finally tracks back up to her face, my damn dick begs to be let loose. Her eyes are now open and she’s looking straight at me. She appears surprised, which makes me wonder if she remembers me from this morning on the street.
The shock is soon replaced with lust. Her tongue darts out to lick along her lips and her gaze turns hooded. My body responds to her blatant show of want. She doesn’t know me, but she still wants me from just a simple look.
She slowly lowers her arms, her nails dragging over the guy’s neck, then runs them down her sides. They skim along the outside of her tits, over his hands that are still on her hips, to the tops of her thighs. Her eyes stay connected with mine the whole time, as if she knows exactly what she’s doing to me. The guy behind her pushes his hips forward, grinding into her ass. She bites her lip and presses herself back against him. When his lips land on the side of her neck, she tilts her head to the side, giving him better access.
My hand tightens around my beer.
Fuck me. This woman is a goddamn temptress and she knows just what to do to tempt my control.
I grab my dick and try in vain to make more room in my jeans. Her eyes widen when I move my hand away. I bring my beer to my lips and take a long pull. With a smirk, I sit back in my seat and enjoy the show.

Alex Grayson is originally from the south, but has recently moved to Northern Ohio. Although she misses the warmth of Florida and often times detest the cold of Ohio, she absolutely loves living in the north. Her and her husband bought a house on two acres of land and live there with their daughter, son, one dogs, two cats, eight ducks, and three chickens. She hopes to eventually get a couple of goats to add to their country way of living. Besides her family and home, her next best passion is reading. She is often found with her nose obsessively stuck in a book, much to the frustration of her husband and daughter. On more than one occasion Alex found herself wanting a book to go a certain way, but it didn’t. With these thoughts in mind, she decided to start writing stories according to her own visions. Although this is a new endeavor for her, she hopes that readers find her concepts on romance intriguing and captivating. Alex welcomes and encourages feedback, of any kind. She can be contacted at

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*** COVER REVEAL *** Love & Ink by J.D. Hawkins

Love & Ink by JD Hawkins
Release Date: February 21st
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Designer: Letitia Hasser from RBA Designs
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I'm a world famous tattoo artist with a six month waiting list. Everybody's begging me to put my ink on them. I'm the hottest shit in L.A., and can get any girl I want. So the last thing I expect is for Ash Carter to walk into my shop and blow me off.
I've spent the last seven years screwing half the women in the northern hemisphere, but nobody could come close to the girl I left behind. Ash was my world. But in order to protect her, I had to let her go. It was the biggest mistake of my life. And now I'll do anything to get her back.
It's been seven years since we last spoke. Seven long years of trying to ignore the memory of her skin, her eyes, her incredible confidence. She is everything I remember. Still stubborn and feisty and sexy as hell. They say you should forgive and forget. But Ash can never forget what I did. And I can never forgive myself.
She's left a permanent mark on my heart.
But even if she takes me back, will we be able to overcome the past? Will we be able to move forward towards our future?
About the Author:
JD Hawkins writes erotic romance with modern-classic alpha males and strong, independant women. He currently lives with his wife in Los Angeles, CA. He loves to travel and has lived in many places, including New York City, India and Thailand. When he isn't writing, JD enjoys surfing, training in Mixed Martial Arts, reading and taking naps. He's always loved making up stories, especially ones inspired by real life.
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***RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW*** Mancave by Jo Raven


Title: Mancave: Epilogue to Caveman (Wicked Tales Book 3)

Author: Jo Raven

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Photographer: Eric Battershell

Model: Nick Bennett

The cage is broken…

Two years ago, Octavia met her caveman, Matt Hansen, and fell in love. Since then, life has found its rhythm and it’s a good one. Matt and his brother Kaden have opened their own car repair shop—Mancave—and Octavia is expecting her first child.
But not everything is perfect in paradise. Mary, Matt’s young daughter, has started having nightmares, Octavia’s sister Gigi is having boy trouble, and Merc, their brother, trouble with girls.
Then Evan, Matt’s best buddy back in Destiny, asks for help after an accident—and the trip turns complicated when Octavia makes it her mission to locate and save her half-brother Ross from himself.
Octavia wants everyone around her to be happy. Matt is determined to safeguard their family’s happy ending.

One way or another, love will find a way…

Author note: This is NOT a standalone novel. It is the epilogue to CAVEMAN and UNDONE. You need to read at least CAVEMAN before you read MANCAVE. Novel-length book.

Warning! You must have read Caveman to read this book!

This book is a few years down the road since Caveman. Matt and Tay are doing well but their pasts seem to still be lingering in the background.

Matt gets a call from Evan an old co-worker asking for help. Evan has had an accident and Matt is worried about him. He decides to go back to their home town and look after him for a few days. Tay decides she wants to go with him. She's pregnant and Matt isn't keen but he relents as he can't say no to her. 

Tay has her own reasons for returning to her old home town. Her half brother Ross. Her mom has told Tay some things she heard about him and Tay is worried. So much so she has a really bad feeling her nightmares might come true. He was always mean to her but she needs to reach out to him. Surely there's good in everyone? If she can just talk to him.

Matt is still suffering with anxiety that something is going to go wrong. He's so happy now but he's had that before but then lost it. He's worried about Evan and his brother Kaden. He's stressing over Tay and his kids Cole and Mary and basically everything. He's doing his best to deal though and Tay always grounds him.

It's amazing to catch up with Matt and Tay again! It's great to see them building their lives and still being so much in love! Also to see the kids growing up and all of them becoming a solid family they all deserve.

It did really quite upset me seeing Matt still struggle though. It was heartbreaking reading his stress about basically everyone he loves. He's so committed to making sure he's there for everyone and at times it felt like he had the weightof the world on his shoulders. I know there are more to come in this series and i'm hoping as the series unravel's we'll see Matt more relaxed and able to enjoy his family without stress.

This book is a what happened next story and also a prelude of whats to come. I'm pretty much intrigued by all the characters, Gigi who is Tay's sister, Evan and his big secret he revealed, and Ross!!! Not sure if he can be redeemed but i'm looking forward to finding out!! And also Sydney who is Gigi's friend.... Now that's one that can't come soon enough! lol

Great read which has teased me ruthlessly with what's to come from the rest of this series!!

5 Cavey Stars

Reviewed by Kerry

Jo Raven is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, best known for her series Inked Brotherhood and Damage Control. She writes edgy, contemporary New Adult romance with sexy bad boys and strong-willed heroines. She writes about MME fighters and tattoo artists, dark pasts that bleed into the present, loyalty and raw emotion. Add to that breathtaking suspense, super-hot sex scenes and a happy ending, and you have a Jo Raven® story.

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*** RELEASE BLITZ *** Midnight Blue by LJ Shen


Midnight Blue, an all-new sexy standalone from LJ Shen is LIVE!


Midnight Blue

Author: LJ Shen

Release Date: January 18th

It should have been easy.
I needed the money. He needed a babysitter to keep him from snorting himself to death.
I was cherry-picked especially for him. Responsible. Optimistic. Warm. Innocent.
The worst part is that I should have known better.
Alex Winslow. British rock star. Serial heartbreaker. Casanova with whiskey eyes.
“Don’t get near the devil in a leather jacket. He’ll chew you up and spit you out.”
Sounds familiar? That’s because it was a headline in a tabloid the second time he got arrested.
Guess what? I didn’t listen.
I signed the contract.
World tour. Three months. Four Continents. One hundred shows.
My name is Indigo Bellamy, and I sold my soul to a tattooed god.
Problem was, my soul wasn’t enough for Alex Winslow. He ended up taking my body, too.
Then he took my heart.
Then he took my all.
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About LJ Shen:
L.J. Shen is an International #1 best-selling author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels. She lives in Northern California with her husband, young son and chubby cat. Before she’d settled down, L.J. (who thinks referring to herself in the third person is really silly, by the way) traveled the world, and collected friends from all across the globe. Friends who’d be happy to report that she is a rubbish companion, always forgets peoples’ birthdays and never sends Christmas cards. She enjoys the simple things in life, like spending time with her family and friends, reading, HBO, Netflix and internet-stalking Stephen James. She reads between three to five books a week and firmly believes Crocs shoes and mullets should be outlawed. LJShen.jpg
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