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*** COVER REVEAL *** Love Me by Anna Brooks


Author: Anna Brooks

Title: Love, Me

Series: Pleasant Valley #2

Release Date: April 25, 2017

Vaughn Morris survives on denial and hope. He spends his days permanently marking other’s skin and his nights trying to forget the scars embedded in his soul. No longer the defenseless teenager he used to be, he returns to his home town, never expecting to fall for a woman who is just as complicated as he is.

Rayne Garner hasn’t truly lived in years. When she was too young to know better, she made a promise to a man who didn’t deserve her loyalty. Nobody has made her question that decision, until Vaughn—a man whose pain is well hidden beneath his cocky exterior and dark, mysterious eyes. But in order to heal him, Rayne must face the brutal reality she’s been trying to deny. 

A friendship they didn’t need turns into a love neither thought they wanted. Rayne and Vaughn not only have to fight for each other, they must survive threats from a past they’re both trying to overcome.

Anna began writing when she thought the world would want to hear her sick lyrics through song. Since then, she's realized her childhood dream wasn't so far-fetched, just misguided. Now she writes romance with real emotions and happy endings. If Anna isn't writing or reading, she can be found by a space heater drinking a ridiculous amount of Diet Dr Pepper. She also likes to hang out with her husband and two boys. If it wasn't for them, she wouldn't ever leave the house. Anna was born in Wisconsin but now lives in the Evergreen State.

*** COVER REVEAL *** Two Point Conversion by Liane Moore


Release Date: Mid-April 2017 
Genre: Erotic M/F/M novella 
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A virgin menage romance

Lifelong best friends and Rosewood's legendary assistant football coaches, Macon Ray and Rhett Hunt have shared everything their entire lives--even their women. But their days of manwhoring and sleeping around have come to an end. Ready to settle down, they set their sights on the only girl who they want to complete their trio. Caroline Taylor, the head coach’s daughter. Now that she’s finally turned 18, they can no longer resist their mutual desire for the beautiful, petite blonde in pigtails. 

She’s young. 
She’s innocent. 
And she’s completely theirs. 
She just doesn’t know it yet. 

Author Bio 

Liane Moore is the erotic alter-ego duo of contemporary romance author Tessa Teevan and an incredibly dirty mind who prefers to be known as M. Friends for ages, it was when they bonded over those big, blue aliens they knew they were meant to write together. Who knows? Maybe they’ll have intergalactic relations of their own one day. 

Virgin. Menage. Forbidden. Breeding. Pick your poison. Liane Moore combines their love of steam and happily-ever-afters to write a fantasy for every woman. Stay tuned for so much more.

*** RELEASE BLITZ & GIVEAWAY *** The Tempting Series by Alex Lucian


Amazon Erotic Best Seller

His body climbing over mine.

My teeth biting his neck.

His scent on my skin.

My nails carving a path down his back.

His commands whispered in my ear.

All of my senses filled with him.

I knew it was bad. But I craved more.

It had begun innocently enough, bumping into one another in a crowded Boston bar. What followed that night had been anything but innocent.

Because I'd known, even as he'd slid inside of me, that he was my professor. I'd pursued him, a predator stalking its prey.

And he didn't know I was his student.

But he would.


Author's note: This isn't a jail bait student/teacher novel with a butterflies-in-the-belly kind of romance. The characters portrayed in this novel are consenting adults with functioning brains. If curse words, sex, and hard ass college professors with secrets offend you, move right along.


Hate: to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward.

Scarlet Jennings, the preacher’s daughter who lived across the street, was a royal, uptight pain in my ass. When she looked at me, she saw a college quarterback asshole with rocks for brains, but she didn’t have a single word for what was happening between us.

When we were forced to ride together every single day that summer, there was definitely some dislike going on. Extreme hostility was a given, considering that we were spending so much time together in close quarters.

One night of bed-breaking, body-shattering, lose-your-voice-from-screaming passion had surprised us both, but it was only just the beginning…


Coming home to a quiet, dark house.
Meals by myself, because she was already done.
Excuses and apologies, they were never enough.
But even with that, when I touched her—when she arched under me and pulled me deeper— we couldn’t get back to where we needed to be.
Where we used to be.
It was all frustration.

Because even though she was no longer my student, the chemistry was always there.
Adele and I loved each other.
We thought we were unshakeable.

But love isn’t always enough.

It wasn’t enough when I constantly disappointed her.
It wasn’t enough when loss cleaved us in two.
And when she left me, love was not enough.

She didn’t know yet that I’d never stop fighting for her.
But she would.

**Author’s note- Let’s be real clear that this is BOOK TWO of a duet, and you’re going to want to read Tempting before you read this one. Adele and Nathan started their story in that book, and you’ll get the same sex, fighting, and cursing that you did in the first. But if you want it to make sense, read Tempting first. If any of that offends you, please avoid them both.**


Addiction: the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming.

Ruby was sin and sex.

The ultimate indulgence and worth every penny she cost me. I paid for her body, but didn't know she'd end up embedded in my soul.

Elias was dark and tempting.

Unmatched in intensity and passion compared to my other clients. He handed me cash in exchange for my touch, and he dug himself into my heart instead.

Money changes things, firms up the lines of a relationship. But when it becomes an addiction—an all-consuming, life-changing addiction—the lines are completely obliterated.

Alex Lucian is an author living on the eastern coast of the United States who appreciates being anonymous, for personal and professional reasons. Tempting is Alex's first novel.

Tempting (The Tempting Series: Book 1)

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Beguiling (The Tempting Series: Book Two)

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Provocative (The Tempting Series: Book Three)

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Addicted (The Tempting Series: Book Four)

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***RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW*** White Pawn by Stevie J Cole









This should be a love story. Everything’s in place for it to be. The perfect lines, the perfect souls, but you see, Justin thinks it’s a game. He thinks I’m his pawn, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Every move he makes, I’ll block him. Every time he thinks he’s about to seize me, I’ll run. Some men underestimate the power of the queen because they’re too busy playing king. They forget she’s the most powerful piece on the board. And love is not a game I’m apt at losing.

What will it take for him to realize I’ll never be his pawn, but I’ll happily play his queen?


She wants a love story. And while I’ve set it up just like I do my own stories, it’s not love I’m after, it’s the chase. Marisa thinks she can outplay me. Even though I’m always one step ahead of her, she keeps me on my toes, which is why don’t underestimate her. Not one bit, but it seems she forgets the game’s not over until the king is dead.

And she’ll never kill me, because I’ll make her love me. And then, checkmate, I win.

Love is not a game, but the chase certainly is.



When i heard about this book i have to be honest i was thinking it was going to be an uber romantic love story... two romance authors... Physical attraction... They both know the words... They both know what it takes to get the happy ending... Lovely... right? bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha OH Dear dear me. #HavingFunWithJustin

Ok not sure where to start.

As i said it's a story of two romance authors. We all read the books. Most of us have attended a signing. Always wondering what goes on when the authors are left alone. Or with their fans. This book is darkly hilarious in that it taps into what you think happens and magnifies it by 20 gazillion!!

Author 1 Justin.

Justin, is a number 1 bestseller. His first series goes straight to the top. He's on the top of his game. Female fans are tripping over their paperbacks to get a piece of him. Of course he obliges!! Who wouldn't in his position. I love how he's blissfully unaware of what will happen when he meets the one who says no. The one who doesn't fall into his bed. The one that has his life mapped out. What will happen?

Author 2 Marissa.

Ok... crazy fangirl turned the ultimate stalker! Reading Justin's books she reads and rereads over and over and over. Follows every social networking site he's on. She knows him before she meets him. She decides she will try and become an author too so she can get closer to him. She will have him. He will be her King. She will be his Queen. She's going to make sure of it!

From here it turns effin caaaarrraaazeeeee!!!

I won't give spoilers but damn does this book take you on a ride!! It builds and builds and builds and then.... JAZZ HANDS!!! lolololol when you read it you'll understand the emoji. It's the world we are all in. It's the world we all want to know about. Is it really like this? *insert shocked face* I'm really hoping it is!!

There's massive chemistry between Justin and Marissa they're drawn together like magnets. Even though she kind of writes the script of their lives, Justin is powerless to resist and in an odd way he's right there with her.

It's really difficult to review without the spoilers but please trust me when i say this is darkly enjoyable. Funny when it's so so wrong. And also HOT! Yes hot! In among the crazy there really is love... i think?!?!

Honestly completely utterly nuts and i freaking loved it!

As with all of Stevie's books it's extremely well written and put together. The plot keeps you guessing where in the hell it's going to go. Will they get the HEA? Will they both end up in straight jackets? Who will be caught up in the crossfire? Where will it end? I love this in a book. I never knew what was coming or when. Just wonderful.

Original story line I've never come across before and in an alternate universe it's almost fan fiction. Highly highly recommend! I can't wait for the next signing I'm going to be keeping my eyes peeled as to author goings on!

Reviewed by Kerry

★★☆ 5 "Nutty Crackers" Stars ☆★★

Buy it
Read it
Love it


Stevie J. Cole lives deep in the woods of Alabama with her husband and two precious daughters. She studied Epidemiology concentrating on cancer research but has always had a passion for writing. Some of her stories will strip you bare, some will give you nightmares, but the one thing she can promise is that she will always give you stories that make you feel.

Raw. Gritty. Love.
Because sometimes characters need to be flawed.

P.S. Stevie's greatest fear is the impending zombie apocalypse. Think about it: swarming armies of decaying, oozing corpses stumbling around with clicking teeth, trying to eat your face. Nothing about that is good. NOTHING!

*** RELEASE BLITZ, REVIEW & EXCERPT *** Extra Credit by Poppy Dunne


release day blitz

Book Title: Extra Credit Author: Poppy Dunne 
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: March 22, 2017 
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book blurb

The first time I saw Will Munroe I had him pegged as a typical LA douchebag—a little too handsome, a little too rich, a little too into his probiotic kale smoothies. The next time I ran into him—at his daughter’s parent/teacher conference (me: teacher, he: parent)—I noticed his steel grey eyes, his hard chest under a crisp white button down, and his suggestively bare ring finger. I was hooked.

If life really imitated art, he’d have swept me off my feet and taken me right there on the principal's desk. Instead, we are stuck in our assigned roles. He’s the workaholic single dad of a precocious girl child, and I’m her fiery substitute teacher. Never the two shall meet. Enter one zany, yurt-dwelling ex-wife, a stock market that never sleeps, and some over-the-top, A-list fundraisers, and I've got plenty of drama ahead. Better to keep my hands to myself.

But when Will asks me out for a pancake breakfast, how can I resist? My heart (and my stomach) say yes, but am I willing to risk my job for a short stack and a romp in the hay? A slow, sensual, mind-blowing romp in the hay…

But where there’s a Will…


I’m asking for a tissue when he sweeps me up into his arms and kisses me. His mouth covers mine, nothing tentative about it. It’s a masterful kiss, him claiming my mouth over and over again. My arms twine around his neck, when what I should be doing is pushing him away with a Scarlett O’Hara “I do dee-clayah! Mr. Munroe!” But I don’t. Instead, I pull him closer, feeling the scrape of his stubble against my cheek. He tastes like breath mints from heaven, or something else celestial and minty fresh. When we finally pull apart—which body does not want, but brain insists on—I find I can finally exhale. Will lowers me back to the ground like I’m floating back out of a dream, back to my job and the school and…the fact that I’m still doing my job at the school.

While snogging a parent.

Snogging’s a great word.

Okay, brain. Let’s get back to it.

“That was…” Will’s voice trails off. The tone is deep, rugged, sexy.

I respond, “Shhweee.” I think I was looking for the word sweet, but we’ll never know.

“Very,” he agrees. He steps away, even though every molecule in my body right now is telling me to fling myself back at this tall, infuriating, infuriatingly gorgeous man. But just as I’m about to throw caution and my bra to the wind, someone adorable comes bouncing up to us, her mouse-eared hoodie still on.

Seriously smart, sexy rom coms by Poppy Dunne are my new favorite. Extra Credit is everything I wanted and more with it's sexy hero, sassy heroine, laugh out loud funnies and sweet sexy times. I've read a lot of funny books and Ms. Dunne ranks right up there at the top. 

Chelle is ready to mold the minds of young theatre students and she's good at it. Now she just needs someone to give her a shot-permanently. She's moved from place to place temporarily setting up shop until she moves on. Becoming a substitute in a new school district is her final shot at putting down roots. The longer she stays, the more she loves it even if kale isn't her favorite and her crazy hair has probably thrown her chakras permanently out of whack. But one thing she finds here that she really, really likes is Will-the parent to one of her more clever students. He might be a workaholic, no funny business kind of guy but he also fills out his t-shirts really well and is obviously dedicated to his daughter. 

But as much as Chelle would love to climb on to Will and never let go, it's a no go zone-well, it should be. But what the school doesn't know won't hurt them. As Chelle learns how to navigate the waters that surround life in LA, Will finds it impossible to stop thinking about the spirited theatre teacher whom his daughter adores. She's everything his ex-wife isn't and nothing he thought he wanted yet exactly what he finds he needs. They just have a few things to iron out first. 

Right from page one, I was hooked. I laughed and laughed. Then laughed some more. Now I live in one of those middle of the country flyover states that people can't tell apart so I found all the references to LA absolutely delightful. It was like LA became part of the story and not just as the setting. Add in the eccentric cast of side characters and I was learning about a life style that I'll likely never encounter and I couldn't get enough. 

And I can't forget Will and Chelle. Oh Em Gee. I adored them both. They were complete opposites but just so obviously perfect for each other. Will was all quiet and demanding while Chelle was a bit zany but dedicated. Watching them tip toe around each other as they moved closer to combustion was pure romance perfection. Neither was perfect but their problems weren't so outrageous that they didn't make sense and make me believe in them. By the end I was a little giddy and lot ready for more from Ms. Poppy.

Reviewed by Paige

★★☆ 5 "Quirky" Stars ☆★★

Buy it
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meet the author

After ten years of hiding behind a bathroom door, Poppy Dunne has sent both children to school, emerged from the bathroom, and is excited to release Room Service, a romantic comedy plotted mostly on the toilet.

Poppy writes books with relatable heroines who speak their minds and whose riotous inner dialogue reflects their complex characters. Her goal is to deliver a story that has equal parts heart, romance and humor. Her heroes are swoon worthy, yet hold on to your suspension of disbelief, because they pick up their own socks and cook.

In her free time, she looks for hobbies other than Netflix and procrastinating to fill out this author bio. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and children.

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